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10 Business Banking Essentials

Small businesses have long been a vital part of the U.S. economy and a symbol of the American dream. But, during the past few years, small business owners have faced their fair share of challenges – from dealing with a sluggish economy and lackluster consumer confidence to skyrocketing healthcare and benefit costs. Combine all of these factors with increased regulatory scrutiny, tight credit and an uncertain economic future, and you have a small business environment in which only the strong will survive.

The good news? All of this presents an excellent opportunity for community banks and credit unions.

Community financial institutions have long been instrumental to the success of small businesses. Now, more than ever, community banks and credit unions, with the right bundle of services, cannot only bolster the health of their small business customers, but increase loyalty and grow fee income in the process. If these time-strapped owners can come to your institution for the full complement of services they need to succeed, you will earn their trust, their business and reap the long-term financial benefits.

Attached is a D+H white paper that explains the 10 services you need to become the institution of choice for the small business community.