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2014 Spring Conference Wrap-up

Here’s what you
missed …

… if you weren’t at the NEFMA Spring Conference at the Cliff
House Resort in Ogunquit: engaging speakers, vital industry information,
marketing advice, idea exchanges, networking opportunities, and a fantastic
ocean view!

On Thursday, our attendees arrived with their thinking caps
on for the always engaging and interesting, ‘Steal This Idea’ sharing session.
Following dinner that evening, keynote speaker Kathryn Weare provided anecdotes
from her family’s history and the Resort’s early days along with insights into
how the business has evolved over time.


Attendees took away a wealth of information on Friday,
beginning with how the consumer demands are shaping the omni channel
experience, along with advice to keep marketing campaigns compliant in today’s
regulatory environment. They also gathered tips about the best products,
practices and services in the competitive small business marketplace. In our
final session attendees learned about new initiatives from the United States
Post Office and other reasons why they should discover, or re-discover, the
value of direct mail.