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2021 Award Winners


PRICING: $129 each

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Marissa Scott joined BankFive as a Digital Marketing Specialist in late 2020 with some past social media experience and a foundational knowledge of digital advertising, but she was new to the banking industry. Today, she is not only a full-blown Digital Marketer, but she’s grown into a Banker as well. Marissa provides invaluable support to BankFive’s customers and internal departments and has directly contributed to the Bank’s successes over the past year.

Marissa started at BankFive at a challenging time in the middle of a pandemic. She worked remotely for the majority of her first year, which certainly made collaboration more difficult. Despite this, she found ways to connect with her fellow employees and work as part of a team. Anyone at BankFive who has ever asked Marissa for assistance knows that she does not hesitate to help with any task, regardless of whether it falls under her job description. She has a true “can-do” attitude and is never deterred if she doesn’t have an immediate answer.

In 2021, she published nearly 80 blog articles on the BankFive website, on topics ranging from Refinancing and Home Buying to Small Business Lending and Cybersecurity. Marissa’s content marketing skills have helped poise BankFive as an industry expert and helped to drive targeted website traffic. Her blog articles brought in 6,073 new visits to the BankFive website in 2021 and were viewed 2,201 times by past visitors.

Marissa consistently brings new ideas to the table, and effectively solves problems. She recommended a new bidding strategy for our digital branding campaign to help improve visibility, which resulted in a 31% improvement in campaign impression share. Always eager to help, learn, and take on more responsibility, Marissa’s future is bright. She embodies the spirit of BankFive, and we cannot stress how lucky we are to have her as part of the BankFive team.