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Is Your Marketing Ready for a Cookie-Less Future?

Audience targeting as we know it is changing. In a cookie-less world, targeting your digital marketing will be more difficult. So what can you, as a marketer, do to stick out to your intended customers? MassLive Media will discuss what exactly Google and other large tech businesses have been, and will be changing about digital targeting, and what that should mean for your marketing, including topics such as:

  • What exactly Google is getting rid of, and how that impacts your business
  • The key to reaching your customers in a cookie-less world
  • How the industry shift of this topic changes daily, and how you can stay up to date on it
  • What specifically MassLive Media is doing to help its clients moving forward
  • And the answers to any questions on the topics you would like addressed during the presentation, pre-submitted here

Free for NEFMA Members!

About Rob Madrid

Rob has been the Director of Digital Strategy for MassLive Media since 2016. Rob and his team manage all client campaign strategy, digital analytics, optimization, and account management. Rob has an undergraduate degree in Sports Management from Springfield College and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Western New England University.

About Zoe Eckert

Zoe has been the Marketing Coordinator for MassLive Media since 2018. Zoe runs all digital, traditional and event marketing for the MassLive and MassLive Media brands. She has BA in Business and a Master’s in Business from Simmons University.

  • January 14, 2021
    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm