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From New Name & Brand Launch to Market Immersion in 6 Months!

Presented by Pannos Marketing

The recent merger of Bridgewater Savings Bank and Mansfield Bank into the new entity named Bluestone Bank created many opportunities, but also challenges. One significant challenge was how do you take two well-established brands, change both their names and generate interest, market buzz, and brand immersion in a relatively short period of time? Join speakers Melanie Coleman and Jim Pannos of Pannos Marketing as they dig into the details of how a new name could achieve a surprisingly high brand immersion within the first eight months of its existence… plus, they’ll bring the numbers to back it up!

Meet the Speakers

Jim Pannos

Financial services marketing veteran and Pannos Marketing President, Jim Pannos, has led the agency in its journey to becoming an industry pioneer since 1994. As a former banker with 25 years of bank marketing and sales experience under his belt, Jim has a comprehensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the financial world.

This expertise, in conjunction with his strategic mindset, creative eye and knack for creative thinking, has proven to be invaluable to clients looking to gain a competitive edge. Jim has a passion for initiating and fostering lasting business relationships with clients in order to help them achieve ultimate success. He cultivates a professional working environment in which the team is encouraged to push boundaries and explore innovative ideas.

Melanie Coleman

Melanie reviews clients’ digital and traditional strategies to ensure the most effective methods are being used, while looking for ways to implements emerging digital trends. Leveraging data to inform and guide strategy, Melanie and her team are consistently striving to improve the performance of paid and organic efforts, and work with clients to build customized reporting, from overall KPIs to ROI calculations. With nearly 10 years in marketing across a variety of industries, Melanie understands the increasing demands marketers face as mediums become more complex and budgets are scrutinized. As a former bank marketer, she has first-hand experience of the challenges financial institutions face, particularly when entering the digital space.

  • September 23, 2021
    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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