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Karen Marryat
Senior VP Marketing
Needham Bank
NEFMA Treasuer

Karen brings an immense amount of banking experience to NEFMA as the treasurer with 30 years in the banking industry, at least half of them being spent as a NEFMA member.

Her favorite part of NEFMA is the built-in network of industry peers, and friends, that she can rely on. “I love having a built-in network of other bank marketers and partners to turn to when I’m looking for advice or a new solution.

The NEFMA network is really helpful when it comes to finding a new partner, supplier, or identifying personal job candidates. I can think of at least a half dozen companies I met through NEFMA that I eventually worked with, and at least one banking professional I met and hired that I connected with through NEFMA (former NEFMA president Adam Cupples!),” she said.

Karen believes other bank marketers should join NEFMA to take advantage of opportunities to get relevant and up to date information about pressing topics within the industry. “NEFMA offers high quality, timely content at our conferences, and I always learn something new and come away with a fresh perspective,” she said.

Also contributing to her success, Karen said, is her team at Needham Bank, who she described as “talented, collaborative, hardworking, and ambitious.” She said, “Despite all of the challenges caused by working remotely for a good portion of the pandemic, the team really pulled together to relaunch our brand and drive acquisition and cross-sell campaigns. They just bring it every day, and they inspire me to do the same.”

Karen enjoys giving back by volunteering in her free time. Currently, in addition to her service to NEFMA, she serves as the vice chair of the Charles River YMCA Board of Advisors, the sponsorship director of the LPGA Amateurs Boston Chapter, and is a trustee at the Pilgrim Hall Museum.

NEFMA is thankful to have dedicated members such as Karen, who add value, not just to our organization, but everywhere they serve. When she’s not at Needham Bank or volunteering, she enjoys skiing and golfing and loves to travel. Karen’s two favorite places to visit are England and Italy. Che divertimento!