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Meet NEFMA’s president, Shelley Regin! Shelley is a seasoned banking professional with 26 years of experience, and first joined NEFMA as a member almost ten years ago. Shelley is also a Certified Financial Marketing Professional and an advisory board member for the American Bankers Association where she also teaches at ABA’s Bank Marketing School.

In addition to having served as the president for almost a year, Shelley works for Country Bank as their Senior Vice President of Marketing and serves on NEFMA’s programming and awards committees. She recommends getting involved with NEFMA because it provides an opportunity for like-minded professionals to network and grow in the industry.

Shelley’s favorite part about NEFMA is all the people she’s been able to meet throughout her years as a member. She describes that many of these individuals have become meaningful friends, trusted advisors, and engaged mentors. She also shared that the newest member of her team, VP of Marketing Justin Roberts was a NEFMA connection a couple of years back.  

“NEFMA is an invaluable resource to me, both professionally and personally,” Shelley shares. “The learning, laughing, and connections I’ve made over the years keeps me engaged and inspired. I’m so excited for the future of NEFMA and look forward to welcoming the next generation of New England’s financial service marketing professionals to our community.”

NEFMA’s community of professionals at every stage in their career are the very people Shelley says inspire her to be the best version of herself, as they genuinely care about what they do and how they contribute in meaningful ways to make a difference in others’ lives. She said spending time with NEFMA members helps her grow in both her knowledge and experience related to best practices in financial services marketing.

When she’s not working, you’ll often find Shelley creating something special in her kitchen. Shelley loves to cook and spend quality time sharing a meal with her family and friends. She also enjoys going on vacation to Lake Winnipesauke in New Hampshire, something she said she’s been doing since she was just 18!

NEFMA is thankful for Shelley’s dynamic leadership and her commitment to serving the industry, connecting leaders throughout New England, and expanding the strong network for our community to continue building.