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Environmental Graphic Designer, Solidus NEFMA Marketing Committee Member

It’s that exciting time of year again when we begin to transition into the season of renewal.  Part of that transition into spring includes cleaning our home offices, dusting off the shelves, and sorting through our books and knick-knacks to ensure we keep only the things that spark joy (thanks Marie Kondo!) As marketers, it’s important we think about branding the same way as our homes and take the time to open up the windows, inviting fresh ideas and new perspectives in the warmer days ahead.

We understand the prospect of spring cleaning can at times be daunting, whether you’re freshening up your home or your brand – that’s why we put together an easy guide to help with the beginning stages of your refresh and hopefully take your brand from lackluster to stellar in just a few easy steps.

Step 1: Assess whether your brand is working in the online space

In my experience at Solidus, while performing my own spring cleaning, my branding manager and I noticed how daunting keeping up with social media accounts can be. Nothing was automated, and we were scrambling to keep up our presence. That’s when we discovered Hootsuite, which allows us to schedule our posts (up to a year) in advance. On a weekly basis, we send out a friendly reminder to our coworkers about our posts. We encourage them to like, comment, and share to help with exposure. While it takes time to plan posts ahead of time, it saves a lot of last-minute stress.  

Step 2: Think about your brand’s strategy

A brand strategy includes developing and sticking to a unique and consistent voice, an effective visual theme, and measurable goals. Does your tone reflect your organization’s personality across your website, social media, and printed media? Do your materials and digital presence have a unifying look to them that reflects your brand colors and logo in a consistent way? Do you analyze and set goals for social media engagement regularly? If you answered no to any of the above, now is the time to refine and refocus. Create those goals and follow them as closely as possible. 

Step 3: Evaluate if your branding tools are in need of an overhaul

Recently, our chief operations officer brought us his business cards, mentioning the font was too small and we were not utilizing both sides of the card. This gave us the perfect opportunity to enlarge the font, add a QR code, and make it more appealing. I then came to the realization that putting in the effort to revitalize branding materials can make all the difference to both internal and external customers. Does your organization have outstanding assets that are in need of some attention that have been collecting dust on your brand’s back burner?

Part of our spring cleaning also involved going through our printed materials, making me reflect and think, do we really need so many pamphlets? Which ones need to be refreshed? Which ones worked? Better yet, which ones weren’t effective? After careful consideration, we determined that most of our printed materials could be combined and streamlined. During our digging we even discovered outdated materials with our old logo – a major no-no for any marketer, which truly showcased the importance of spring cleaning when sustaining the integrity of your branding.

Step 4: Keep your brand alive

During your spring cleaning remember to keep things that reflect you as an organization. What digital and printed resources best inform, delight, and spark joy for you and your customers? Do not be afraid to let go of the rest. Let this yearly evaluation be a time for change that will allow for new opportunities and growth.

Happy Spring Cleaning!