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Virtual Content


From New Name & Brand Launch to Market Immersion in 6 Months!

NEFMA Coffee Chat 9/23/21

Jim Pannos and Melanie Coleman, Pannos Marketing

Reinventing Financial Literacy Lessons in the Face of COVID: How 8 Banks are Doing Just That

NEFMA Coffee Chat 3/18/21

Mary Anne Clancy, Institution for Savings | Peter Stackpole, Stackpole | Jim Curran, Cape Cod 5

Re-Imagining the Future of Financial Marketing

NEFMA Coffee Chat 1/28/21

Emily Hartzog, Chartwell Agency

Pandemic Performance, According to Bank Customers

NEFMA Coffee Chat 2/18/21

Brian Rivel & Bruce Paul, Rivel

Networking During COVID

NEFMA Coffee Chat, 12/3/20

Diane Darling, Author “The Networking Survival Guide”

Is Your Marketing Ready for a Cookie-Less Future?

NEFMA Coffee Chat, 1/14/21

Rob Madrid & Zoe Eckert, MassLive Media

Developing a Proto-Model Design
for Current & Future Branches

NEFMA Coffee Chat, 8/13/20

Nate Baldasaro, The Element Group

Reimagine Your Checking Accounts
and Gain Customers for Life

NEFMA Coffee Chat, 8/20/20

Langdon Andrews, M6 Marketing

Bank Brand Upheaval
Due to the Pandemic

NEFMA Coffee Chat, 7/23/20

Bruce Paul, Rivel

Marketing When You Don’t
Have Time To Do Marketing

NEFMA Coffee Chat, 7/30/20

Erik Johnson, IMN

Understanding Website
Accessibility & The Importance
for Bank Marketers

NEFMA Coffee Chat, 6/11/20

Dean Dorazio & Sean Greene, Wakefly

The Buyer’s COVID-19 Journey:
Your Customers Have Moved Online,
Has Your Marketing?

NEFMA Coffee Chat, 7/16/20

Rob Madrid & Zoe Eckert MassLive Media

Event Content

Crushing Content: Creating Optimized Content that will Energize Your Customers

10/22/20 NEFMA 2020 Fall Conference

Sean Greene & Dean Dorazio, Wakefly

Who To Market To, And How?

10/22/20 NEFMA 2020 Fall Conference

Bruce Paul, Rivel, Inc

Your Brand –
Authentically, Wonderfully, You!

10/22/20 NEFMA 2020 Fall Conference

Michele Lando, Skilset Communications

Leadership, Brand & Your EQ

10/22/20 NEFMA 2020 Fall Conference

Michele Lando, Skilset Communications

Unlocking the Power
of Emotion at Work

10/22/20 NEFMA 2020 Fall Conference

Andrea Hoban, Oji Life Lab

5 Steps Toward Building an Emotional Connection Between Financial Brands and Their Customers Through UX

10/22/20 NEFMA 2020 Fall Conference

Monika Cālīte, UX Design Agency

NEFMA Awards