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YouTube Updates Make Everybody a Star

The ability to record homemade music and videos has never
been easier, and during the past decade YouTube has helped make those creations
readily available to the masses. So while The Kinks couldn’t have imagined
YouTube in 1972, their song “Celluloid Heroes” captures today’s
impact of YouTube on society in an incredibly succinct way:

“Everybody’s a dreamer / And everybody’s a star
And everybody’s in show biz / It doesn’t matter who you are.”

YouTube continues to evolve, testing the boundaries of its
social influence. If you are using the site to make yourself, your company or
your brand a star, you’ll notice there are even more changes the next time you
log in to YouTube. Don’t worry, though: The site offers a complete guided tour
so you can easily learn the nuances of your new channel.

When you’ve completed the tour, look to the right of your page to view the
channel setup checklist. This list will guide you through the new setup
process. Additionally, YouTube will automatically check off the items as you
complete them. The channel setup checklist includes:

Set your channel icon –Look at the upper left-hand side of your
YouTube page. This is where you will find your channel icon. Most companies
choose to utilize this space by uploading the official company logo or logo
icon, depending on which image best fits the perfectly square dimensions.
Channel icons will also be present next to your financial institution’s name in
search results and other areas of the site. YouTube suggests that a high
resolution, 800 x 800 pixel image is uploaded, but be certain that it looks
good at smaller resolutions.

Add channel art –Similar to a Facebook Cover Photo, YouTube
provides users with the ability to visually tell a story of your YouTube page
through the use of channel art. Utilizing this space will help bring your
brand’s unique personality to life and set the overall tone for the page. For
optimal results, be sure to closely follow theChannel Art Guidelinesto ensure that your images
appear on every device used to access YouTube. Additionally, when you include
your financial institution’s website and social media channels on the About
Tab, those links will appear at the bottom right-hand corner as an overlay on
your channel art.

Describe your channel –Your channel description is your unique
selling proposition, and should set your channel apart from others of its kind.
Your channel description will appear on various areas of YouTube, such as in
search results, but most prominently appears on the About Tab of your YouTube
page. Keep in mind: The first few characters appear most frequently throughout
the site, so think critically about your opening words.

Add web links –Add web links to the About Tab for easy,
cross-channel marketing. These web links can include any links on the web
associated with your financial institution, such as your website, blog and
social media channels. They appear within the About Tab and can be chosen to
overlay your channel art. See above section, “Add channel art” to include this

Add a section –In YouTube, organization is key to getting your
best—and most relevant—content noticed by visitors to your page. Sections are a
perfect way to organize your video content for potential subscribers who are
not familiar with your channel, as well as subscribed users who are returning
to the channel to view new content. Think about which videos best represent
your financial institution and would be the most relevant to your visitors.
Then, categorize these videos into sections. Sections can include popular
uploads, recent uploads and playlists. Similarly, sections can be updated
dynamically, i.e. liking a video, or can be created with tags that split up
your content into different themes.

Add a channel trailer –A YouTube channel trailer is your “elevator
pitch” video that introduces your channel to potential subscribers in
one-minute-or-less. Effective trailers encourage calls to action, so script a
message to your visitors and use text cues throughout the length of the video.
Don’t forget to showcase your financial institution’s brand personality by
explaining the benefits of becoming a YouTube subscriber. Note: If the channel
trailer feature is not enabled, unsubscribed views will just see your sections.
See above section, “Add a section” to include this feature.

Which new YouTube feature will help bring your financial institution to

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